With house prices so high many people find it difficult to save up a deposit and buy a home. In the meantime they're spending lots on renting - money that could be going towards their own place!

StrideUp has launched a completely new way of buying a home to make it more affordable and accessible. It's a bit like a mortgage and a bit like shared ownership. You put down a deposit and we'll actually buy the property with you. You make monthly payments - basically renting our part of the property and gradually buying it from us. There will be a bit left over at the end (20% of the property, which we call the Equity Share) - whenever you're ready you can make additional payments to buy this from us.

So comparing StrideUp to a regular mortgage lender:

  • we're also a home finance provider, meaning we provide the money you need to buy a home

  • we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • you can choose a property of your liking from the open market (subject to eligibility)

  • you can buy a home by putting down a deposit (minimum 15%) and making monthly payments (towards renting our share and buying more of the property from us)

Where we're different from a mortgage:

  • we don't lend you any money, rather we jointly buy the property with you

  • if house prices fall and you have to sell your home, we actually share in some of this loss with you

  • if you make the monthly payments (i.e. the minimum amount each month), by the end of the term you will own 80% of the property (the Buyout Share) but you'll have to make additional payments to purchase the 20% Equity Share.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the payments on your Home Purchase Plan.

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