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What documents are acceptable as proofs of address?
What documents are acceptable as proofs of address?

Providing evidence to prove my address

Written by Roshni Patel
Updated over a week ago

For the initial Decision in Principle application you don't need to provide any documents. However, once you're ready to move ahead with advice and a formal application, we might need to see some documents to verify your address.

The documents we accept as a proof of address are listed here:

  • Mortgage statement or mortgage redemption statement

  • Recent utility bill (max. 3 months old) – gas, electricity, water, telephone (not mobile phones)

  • Current council tax bill

  • Current UK / EU Photocard Driving Licence

  • House or motor insurance certificate

  • Current State Pension notification letter

  • Current Benefits Agency letter

  • Bank / building society statement

  • Solicitor letter confirming completion of house purchase

  • Credit card statements from main provider

  • HMRC tax notification documentation (this does not include P60’s)

  • Account, investment or insurance documents

  • Letter from council confirming electoral roll listing

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