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Do you have any types of property that are not acceptable?
Do you have any types of property that are not acceptable?

Restrictions on property type

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Yes there are a number of categories that we cannot finance - if you have an unusual property, or just want to make sure, it’s best you give us the full details so we can check before proceeding.

Unacceptable properties include but are not limited to:

  • Properties of 100% timber construction, prefabricated concrete, steel framed construction (with certain exceptions) or construction with large Panel Systems

  • Ex local authority flats or maisonettes in blocks greater than 5 stories high

  • Properties containing Mundic Block or other defective materials

  • Listed properties

  • Freehold flats (share of freehold is acceptable)

  • Any home with less than 30 square meters floor space, no kitchen (or more than 1 kitchen) or with no bath or shower room.

  • Properties covenants that restrict the liquidity of the property on resale, or with limited market appeal

  • Property with no kitchen or more than 1 kitchen (unless the 2nd kitchen is located within an annex occupied by family)

  • Properties less than 10 years old without NHBC certificate or equivalent

  • Properties with Japanese Knotweed, progressive structural movement or where environment hazards are present

  • Mobile homes / houseboats / student accommodation / holiday homes / retirement homes

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