Can my client get to 100% ownership of the property by the end of their term?

Absolutely. Let's look at some examples.

Say they choose a Home Purchase Plan term of 30 years - here are some examples showing what percentage of the property they could own at the end of the period.

Firstly, what happens if they make all the monthly payments (and nothing more)? In this scenario, they will own 80% of the property as they will have purchased the Buyout Share from us. The Equity Share (20%) will remain in StrideUp's ownership and they’ll have to buy it from us at the end or sell the property.

By contrast, if they make additional payments during the term the client’s ownership will be higher than 80% at the end. The price at which they buy the Equity Share is locked in at the day 1 price, so they’ll never pay more than if they had bought 100% initially.

Once a customer gets to 100% ownership of the property by purchasing all of StrideUp's share, we'll register the ownership of the property with their name and the Home Purchase Plan will come to an end with the customer as the outright homeowner

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