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Do I have to choose one of your panel solicitors?
Do I have to choose one of your panel solicitors?

Choosing a solicitor that's familiar with StrideUp

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You will have a solicitor helping you with the purchase of your home. You can choose any solicitor you want (subject to certain requirements to ensure good standards), however we suggest looking at StrideUp's panel solicitors. The reasons are:

  • Familiarity with the product: StrideUp's Home Purchase Plan is not a conventional mortgage and so not all solicitors have come across it before. The panel solicitors have worked with us to understand the product, ensuring you get the highest quality of advice and service.

  • Contribution to fees: Note you’ll also have to pay StrideUp’s solicitor fees - if you choose to use a solicitor from our panel, we will make a contribution to this. This reflects the fact that our work is reduced when dealing with a solicitor who knows the product.

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