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What stamp duty do I need to pay?
What stamp duty do I need to pay?
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Stamp Duty Land Tax (commonly just called stamp duty) is a tax imposed on property purchases.

The amount depends on a couple of factors, including:

  • Property value: the higher the value of the property, the greater the percentage tax. Properties below the threshold don't incur any stamp duty.

  • First time buyer: if you're a first time buyer, you may have less stamp duty to pay (depending on the property value).

  • Multiple properties: if you own more than one property (after this one), you may have to pay a surcharge.

More details can be found on the government website, and your solicitor will be able to advise you on this.

Note - even though StrideUp purchases the property jointly with you, it's your home and you are solely responsible for paying the stamp duty.

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